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Carlee's Pottery

Updated: Jul 22

We make every effort to source products from the local community whether it be food stuffs, vegetables or, in this case plate ware.

Many of our service vessels and plates are hand made, here in St. Pete, by our friend and local potter Carlee Pecen. Carlee has a pragmatic approach to hand made plates, bowls, ramekins, etc., having cut her teeth in the hospitality business, most notably at Rococco Steak house, she creates pottery with function and form in mind that becomes an integral part of each dish created at Bin 6 South.

Carlee is currently a teacher in our local school system and spends her alternate time as a ceramicist creating art from clay and glazes. We were fortunate to be able to commission her to develop a portion of our presentation ware. Each piece is made by hand and unique, an integral canvas for the artisan cuisine being created at Bin 6 South.

It has been said that “We eat with our eyes”. Carlee's creations allow not only the food to shine but provides that little something extra to marvel at when you see the unique style forming the background for our cuisine.

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