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Beyra Vinhos de Altitude, Vino Tinto 2020

About the Wine:
Fruity aroma with elegant and discreet minerality. Berries and spices, fresh, with a fruity lasting finish. The soul of this wine lies in the unique combination of the Siria and Fonte Cal native grape varieties from old vines planted in granite and schist soils with quartz veins, in the Douro River’s basin. Enjoy with lamb dishes, appetizers, cheeses pastas, and Mediterranean cuisine.
About the Producer:
Rui Roboredo Madeira founded Altitude wines in 2011 as a pioneer project to produce wines among highest vineyards in Portugal, which are over 750 meters high. Beyra's vineyard seeks to combine innovation in viticulture in a region dominated by old vineyards, perfectly adapted to the rigors of altitude, being one of the hidden treasures of the large vineyard heritage of Portugal.” 
Technical Info:
Schist and granite soils combined with the cool climate favors:
- The increase in acidity;
- The slower and more uniform ripening of the grape which enhances the concentration of aromas and flavors
- The proximity of the sun helps photosynthesis by enriching the wine in terms of color and alcohol content.