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Biondi Santi, Brunello di Montalcino 2016


About the Wine:

The 2016 Biondi Santi expresses rose petals, berries, and rich spices. Its palate features red cherry, star anise, and orange zest in its savory profile. Drink now or let it age for another 20 years!


About the Producer:

Biondi Santi is a staple of Tuscan wine around the world. It began in the mid 1800’s with Clemente Santi, a scientist and writer. His focus was to produce wines that were fit to age well. In 1867, at the Universal Exposition in Paris, he won an award for his 1865 Brunello. His grandson, Ferruccio took over the vineyards and merged the family names to create “Ferruccio Biondi-Santi.” Ferruccio was the one who made and preserved the BBS 11 clone or the Brunello Biondi-Santi clone during the phylloxera era. He identified mother vines and grafted only the best clones to American rootstock, then planted throughout his vineyards. This was the birth of modern-day Brunello di Montalcino. When Ferruccio died in 1917, his son Tancredi took over and ran the winery through WWII. He ingeniously built a wall to hide all the oldest Riservas, which are still preserved today. He took part in writing the Brunello di Montalcino regulations when it became a DOC in 1966. Tancredi’s son, Franco is the member of the lineage who showcased the family’s ageable wines to the world and expanded the Il Greppo vineyards from 4 acres to 25. Beside his own family vineyards, he has helped grow and register the cultivation of Brunello from 76 hectares in 1967 to 2,100 hectares in 2009 in the region. His now grandson is the 7th generation to represent the family legacy.