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Dal Forno Romano, Valpolicella Superiore, Veneto 2015


About the Wine:

This Valpolicella offers hints of blueberry, blackberry, cherry and chocolate which emerge gradually as the wine breathes. The potent tannins, which give structure to this product, are in perfect harmony with the velvety aromas of sweet spices and jam which envelop the palate and excite the senses.


About the Producer:

Referred to as “Veneto’s Grape King,” Dal Forno Romano is one of the best producers of Amarone. At the heart of the Dal Forno Winery is the restored house that was modeled after a 19th century country manor. They desired the manor to compliment the surrounding environment while embodying strength, longevity, and respect for history and tradition; values in which they hold true to their brand.