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Descendientes de Jose Palacios ‘Petalos’

About the Wine:
 It carries dark fruit-black cherry and flavors of oak with a refined acidity and a long finish. This wine will keep developing. It will pair with acidic foods and light meats like gowl, chicken, and shellfish, especially when cooked in wine or with marinades. Also, things like grilled lamb chops with garlic and herbs!
About the Producer:
Alvaro Palacios and Ricardo Perez, uncle and nephew, put Mencia and Bierzo on the map. They specifically named this wine after Alvaro’s father and Ricardo’s grandfather, Jose Palacios. In the 80’s, Alvaro was selling French barriques to winemakers in Spain, his homeland, while seeking out good terroir. He chose Priorat, where his wines gained fame across the globe. He later expanded into Bierzo upon realizing its potential. His nephew, Ricardo studied oenology in Bordeaux, where he worked at Chateau Margaux and did an internship at Moueix, which is linked to the owner of Chateau Petrus and Trotanoy.  Ricardo has been a great generation influence in terms of pioneering biodynamic and sustainable farming. The viticultural process is done by hand or by mule.
Technical Info:
20% of the grapes come from estate holdings and the rest is sourced from 180+ families under long-term agreements. It consists of 95% Mencia and 5% other local red and white varieties. It is fermented in stainless steel and oak vats, then aged in oak for 10 months.