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Domaine Leon Barral, Faugeres Jadis, 2018


About the Wine:

Jadis translates to “long ago, in olden days.” This wine is rustic and fragrant with notes of tobacco smoke and leather. It is juicy with tart fruit, truffles, dark chocolate, and smooth tannins.


About the Producer:

Didier Barral is 13th generation, growing grapes within the Faugeres appellation in Languedoc. He is 1st generation to estate-bottle, which he began in 1993! He named his production after his grandfather, Leon Barral. Didier biodynamically farms 30 hectares of vineyards that he has maintained to be a self-sustained ecosystem. His “vineyard workers” play an important role in maintaining said ecosystem; with the help of twenty cows, horses, and pigs, there is no need for tractor plowing, just natural grazing, and fertilizing. This encourages healthy microbial activity and soil aeration, hence a sustainable ecosystem and symbiotic relationship.



50% Carignan, 30% Syrah, 20% Grenache Grapes are grown on schist soils with full southern sun exposure in a Mediterranean climate. Heat waves and drought are prevalent during the growing season. Vines are trained in the goblet style, which helps to shade the grapes. Vine age ranges up to 90 years old. The Wine was aged 24 to 26 months in 10% new oak.