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Gavalas, Kotsifali, Crete 2019


About the Wine:

The Kotsifali grape, the most planted grape on the island of Crete. It is wines like Gavalas that are beginning to make the world take notice of this indigenous grape. Though the wine is lighter in color, the flavors are rather bold. The intense aromas of cinnamon, dried fig, and red fruits are found on the palate as well with fresh plum leading the charge. Serve slightly chilled with such diverse dishes as lemon chicken or pork tenderloin in a mustard sauce.


About the Producer:

Emmanuel Gavalas planted the first vineyards in 1906 on the island of Crete, which is 100 miles off the coast of the Greek mainland. At that time, he would use the Minoan dressed stone treading tank that used to be at the village of Agios Thomas, where he came from, to tread the grapes. The must was fermented into big storage jars. He transported the wine into leather flasks and he sold it to taverns and stores. Some years later he settled down at Vorias, a village 15km away from Agios Thomas where he planted new vineyards.


In 2001 the vineyards became part of the organic cultivation system with the belief that organic products protect the environment, the consumers, the cultivators, and future generations from pesticide contamination. In 2004 they modernized their winery. They credit their passion for winemaking to their ancestors and plan to pass it down to their children.