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Gouguenheim, Valle Escondido, Torrontes, Argentia Reserva

About the Wine:
It’s rich and strong with aromas of plums, black cherry, licorice, and violets. The palate is juicy and fruit-driven with soft tannins and a long finish. 
About the Producer:
Patricio Gouguenheim discovered his love for wine when his French parents allowed him to taste some at the age of 7 years old. He grew up to have a successful career in finance but wanted to shift toward something more family oriented. In 2002, he acquired land with unique soil and fantastical views of the Andes mountains, where he would start up his dream winery. 
The wines are crafted from high altitudes, 3,600 feet above sea level, which makes it one of the highest estates in Mendoza. The rainwater and ice melt running down from the Andes acts as a natural irrigation system. They are small batched and hand crafted. 
Technical Info:
Young wine with a slight step in American oak barrels.
15 days of fermentation between 77/82°f.
Aging occurs in American oak during 4 months.
Alc. 13.60%
RS 2.25g/l
TA 4.87g/l
pH 3.8