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Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Champagne Blue Top

About the Wine:
Heidsieck Monopole Brut 'Blue Top' is the flagship of Champagne Heidsieck & Co Monopole and expresses the essence of Heidsieck Monopole's style: texture, structure and fruit. On the eye: clear, yellow straw color with green reflections. On the nose: powerful and generous, almost woody and spicy, characterized by great aromatic richness with a blend of honey, toasty, buttery and vinous aromas. On the palate: candied apple notes, with a hint of red berry and a refined texture due to a majority of Pinot Noir grapes in the blend. Flavors of orchard fruits and peach followed by soft caramel hints. Heidsieck Blue Top Brut is a great champagne to enjoy with savory starters but also pairs well with shellfish and Asian cuisine.
About the Producer:
The history of this producer goes back to a young German cloth manufacturer, Florens-Louis Heidsieck. In 1785, he established a wool and wine trading company in the Reims region of Champagne. After some time, he focused on wine exclusively. He went on to produce wines for the King of Prussian and the Emperor of Germany. 
Technical Info:
Blend of 70% of Pinot Noir, 20% of Chardonnay and 10% of Meunier, grapes have been mainly sourced from the 'Vallee de la Marne' area, known for the quality of its Pinot Noir grapes