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Peter Lehmann 'Portrait' Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa

About the Wine:
This deeply colored wine shows black forest fruits and a richly structured palate. While drinking beautifully now, this wine can be cellared with confidence for a further 5 to 10 years to soften and become more complex.
This wine is named “Portrait” to commemorate Peter’s commitment to produce wines that would paint a portrait of the Barossa Valley.
About the Producer:
Prior to establishing Peter Lehmann Wines, Peter had only worked in two wineries, both of which were built more than a century earlier. He started his winery to help Barossa Valley grape growers not go bankrupt. He is often referred to as the man who saved the Barossa Valley. In 1970, when the region was hit with a grape surplus, companies refused to purchase grapes. Peter understood that the 140 family farms depended on selling their products. So, he took out a loan, built a winery from scratch in 5 months and began vinifying. His first label was “The Futures,” in reference to his promise to pay the grape growers once he sold the wine.