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Pievalta, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Riserva, Marche 2016


About the Wine:

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi boasts a microclimate well suited for lighter and fresher Verdicchio expression. Clay and limestone amplify minerality and freshness of fruit character. A tell-tale varietal note of all Verdicchio is often described as sweet almond. Verdicchio is a non-aromatic variety, but expect a streak of citrus to show, especially lime. Because Verdicchio maintains high levels of tartaric acidity, the wines can be crisp, refreshing and highly age-worthy.


About the Producer:

Pievalta refrains from conventional winemaking production, and has, since the outset, been farmed organically. In 2005, Alessandro also began conversion to biodynamic farming (Demeter certified since 2008) using legume cover crops between the rows and biodynamic preparations. In philosophy and practice, Pievalta aims to resurrect the spirit of their soils. To this effect, the makers act as stewards of their vineyards, and within the context of each season, usher a transparent expression of Verdicchio into wine. Using a less-is-more approach, Alessandro and his team allow the grape and terroir to take its natural course with very little intervention. Since 2009, all wines have been produced free of any animal additives.


Pievalta farms 26.5 hectares of estate-owned vineyards in two key sites flanking both banks of the Esino River Valley in the province of Ancona. Vineyards on the left bank (planted in the 1970s) are predominately clay and limestone that have been updated with new plantings for higher density. Vineyards flanking the right bank of the Esino River are of higher elevation and steep slopes and marked by soils of granitic sandstone. All work in the vineyards is painstakingly carried out by hand throughout all events during the growing season.