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Szigeti Brut Blanc de Blancs Gustav Klimt, 2017 750ml

About the Wine:
This sparkling Chardonnay, made by the traditional Champagne method, comes from Austria. Hence, the homage to Gustav Klimt on the label. It showcases ripe apples, beeswax, and honeydew melon with sweet notes of honey, a creamy texture, and a crisp acidity. 
About the Producer:
Szigeti was apart of a new wave of Austrian sparkling wine producers in the 90’s. Brothers, Peter and Norbert Szigeti took over the family operation in 1991. They operate as negociants, purchasing grapes from growers. They produce all their wines by the Sket method in Austria and Germany. It is the same method that Prosecco is made from, using the Tank or Charmat method.