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Valdisole, Armonia Bianco, Arneis & Moscato, Piedmonte


About the Wine:

This biodynamic blend has created a citrus packed orange wine with noes of tangerine, peaches, apples, and papaya. It is funky with an acidity that craves food!


About the Producer:

Giuseppe has always been attracted by the world of gastronomy and attended many cooking classes as a hobby. Motivated by his curiosity to learn how to pair food with wine, a few years ago he started taking sommelier courses. He entered the world of wine almost as a teetotaler, but then it happened; he fell in love with the entire world of wine, starting to appreciate its history, quality, and study more and more. Soon he felt the need to go beyond the wine tasting experience and understand the soul of the wine; in brief, to make it. Since he doesn’t originate from a family of winemakers, he decided to buy a vineyard, and so, it happened that the first vineyard was bought on a website specializing in used things! Yes, you read that correctly. It was half a hectare of abandoned and shabby Nebbiolo. That's how Valdisole was born back in 2015.


Kyriaki is an electronic and computer engineer who entered the wine world simply out of curiosity. A few years ago, she started taking sommelier classes and met Giuseppe when Valdisole was more a dream rather than a reality. She is the ruthless critic of Valdisole's wines while her major role is the communication and branding of Valdisole. Kyriaki makes only one wine, "Elektra" in Amphorae exclusively from Malvasia Moscata grapes. Both Kyriaki and the Malvasia Moscata are originally from Sparta, Greece.



80% Arneis and 20% Moscato Bianco.

Organic/Biodynamic (uncertified)/Vegan/Low Sulphites.

The grapes were organically grown and hand harvested. The Arneis grapes are macerated on the skins for 15 days in steel. The Moscato Bianco is macerated for 50 days on skins in steel and then added to the Arneis wine. And together they age on their lees in steel tanks for 8 months.