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The Chefs

Family. Friends. Wine. Whole foods. Creativity. Art. Knowledge. Change. Gathering. Sharing. These are my Passions. Wine and Food are beautiful tools with which to express these passions and share with other like minded individuals.


“Oenophile”: a lover or connoisseur of wine

“Chef” 1: a skilled professional cook 2: COOK

“Curated”: carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented.


I invite you to explore the wine cellar at Bin6South and discover the wines and culinary creations our team has chosen for presentation.  Share a glass of wine, food, your stories, your passions. Experience an intimate meal with wine pairing or peruse our curated wine selections for labels you may add to your cellar collection or enjoy with family or friends for meals or social gatherings.


Bren K. Ankrum

Chef De Cuisine

Freddie is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park. Initial training in the real world at eateries such as Betony and Gramercy Tavern, NY. His cooking style: Hyper seasonal, ingredient driven, and with a “less is more” approach. Philosophy: Purchase the best ingredients available at the time and “let them shine”. Plating style: organic, recognizable, colorful, fresh.


Freddie’s preference is to constantly evolve his cuisine to set industry standards and create an exceptional dining experience coupled with warm hospitality, “at home” feeling and a genuine desire to exceed expectations. Nothing is off the table when it comes to creative culinary ideas and subsequent execution.

Chef De Cuisine

Freddie Gentile

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11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm

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