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The Food

Bin6South’s team motto, as it applies to culinary creation and presentation is, “Nothing is off the table”. The world is our shopping cart and we strive to source a broad variety of seasonal fresh, delicious proteins, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and exotics. Each element of a dish, from organization of the plate, bowl, or board and plateware itself (many pieces of which are custom made for Bin6South by a local St. Pete potter), has been imagined, designed, created, and critiqued by our team until we feel that it may be presented as a Bin6South offering.


The one constant in life is that all things tend to change. Our offerings follow that pathway, changing, sometimes daily, but certainly from week to week and on. We invite you to participate in our journey.


Buono Appetito"

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11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm


11:30am - 10pm       10am - 10pm

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Freddie Gentile

Chef De Cuisine

Freddie is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park. Initial training in the real world at eateries such as Betony and Gramercy Tavern, NY. His cooking style: Hyper seasonal, ingredient driven, and with a “less is more” approach. Philosophy: Purchase the best ingredients available at the time and “let them shine”. Plating style: organic, recognizable, colorful, fresh.


Freddie’s preference is to constantly evolve his cuisine to set industry standards and create an exceptional dining experience coupled with warm hospitality, “at home” feeling and a genuine desire to exceed expectations. Nothing is off the table when it comes to creative culinary ideas and subsequent execution.


David Canady
Sous Chef
With over a decade in the industry, David Canady started his career from humble beginnings, working at a dairy farm in Ohio. He fell in love with restaurants the day he stepped foot in his first professional kitchen. From there, he pursued this passion and attended the Culinary Institute of America where he graduated with an associate’s degree in culinary arts.
He has used his passion and education to work all over the country catering in Connecticut, cooking in Boca Raton, and consulting in Greenwich village in NYC. In recent years David has spent time working in some of the best restaurants Tampa has to offer. Berns, Rocca, Lingr, to name a few. Honing his craft and finding his own style of cooking along the way. Hyper local seasonal ingredients are at the forefront of his menus, bringing the best of what Florida has to offer to the table.